Family Unity Requires Effort from All

“What’s Critical Race Theory?”
“Why did Russell Moore resign?”
“Can women be pastors?”
“Who are you going to vote for as SBC president?”
“Why did Beth Moore leave the Southern Baptist Convention?”

No, these aren’t hallway conversation predictions for the Southern Baptist Convention. Rather, they’re the types of questions I’m asked at home every day — at the dinner table, during morning coffee chats, car drives and a never-ending volley of text messages and Facebook Messenger replies. 

The same discussions that dominate our national discourse (and, at times, fuel our Southern Baptist debates) have slipped into the Shepherd household. 

And here’s the hard part: Sometimes members of my family come to drastically different conclusions. It’s challenging enough when I disagree with folks in a church or denominational setting, but how am I supposed to walk through these issues with the ones I love most?

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